About Me

I worked for three years Kings College Hospital London, Caldecot Clinic, an NHS psychosexual service for women and men providing physical and psychological help for sexual and relationship problems, such as lack of libido, vaginismus, erectile difficulties and premature ejaculation.

I have worked in Residential Rehabilitation as a Senior Practitioner in Camden for Foundation66 and currently continue to support people with problematic alcohol use at CASS in Fulham.

I have had a rich and varied life experience. I trained as a Sculptor in London. After exploring Europe and the USA I moved to Dartmouth in Devon and lived on a very ancient sailing yacht. I have also enjoyed life working on the land as a farmer in Devon and Dorset. In midlife I settled down a Director/Partner in an Art Consultancy, Peter Millard and Partners in West London.

I was drawn to become a psychotherapist late in life and find immense fulfilment now working with adults from all walks of life.